Friday, January 20, 2012

We're Expecting Part 2

Continued from yesterday...

Then along comes an e-mail in my inbox, a waiting children forward that I would typically delete after quickly praying for all the kids that are in that e-mail and never opening it...because seeing their faces gets me in trouble.  But this one, something said, leave in your inbox and read it later.  Anyone that knows how obsessive I am knows what a feat this was.  I have 0 messages in my inbox.  Because I read them, do what needs to be done from or for them, and delete them.  It is like having a list, it needs to be taken care of.  I realize this is a problem, but back to this story...

A few days later during my quiet time with God, my phone alarm goes off to pray for orphans.  I set the Bible down and proceed to pray for the little ones I met in Africa.  During this prayer, I remember that e-mail and open it up and up pops pictures of children all over the world that are waiting to be adopted.  They are all nameless, just pictures.  I go straight to the African ones, somehow thinking that I will recognize someone or an orphanage (which is a bit ridiculous and self involved that the little piece of that continent God revealed to me will somehow be found in everything African from here on)  And my eyes land on a little boy.  I am sure he is 2 or 3, which means he isn't the age Gabe and I have been thinking God wants for us, but I can't resist so I inquire about him.

Let me back up a second, the little boy in Uganda had a name from the Bible.  Now that isn't magical or anything, but names are a big deal to us.  Our kids have always had a first name chosen by Gabe and I with a middle name that is family related.  Except Gaby.  Her first name was family (Gabriel) and her middle name was Hope (because we knew she would need it).  When we would talk about adopting an older boy someday I always felt they were to have a name from the Bible.  A name of God's promise.

As we get info back from the agency about their process of adoption, they send us the limited info they have on the boy.  His name and his date of birth.  He is 4 and his name is Noah.  Gabe and I about fell over.  Ok, God we hear you loud and clear, we will keep walking.

Aren't you freaked out?  Why yes, we are.  Anytime you walk into something unknown it shakes you a little.  But we are more excited that God would choose us to once again follow Him in faith. What an honor.

Yes, the money involved in this adoption scares us.  28,000 is a pretty large number.  But that doubt is not from God.  He provides.  That is the amount it takes to get over there and bring Noah home.  It is the only way that he is part of our family.  It is the only way that we get to be a piece of his redemption and restoration story.  So through the door we move.  His mercies are new every morning.  He has proven that (although He doesn't need to) to us over and over, and yet Satan still likes to make us doubt and think...well He isn't going to provide this time.  He has provided enough for you, He can't help you all the time, He has others to help.  So we stand in faith, believing that our God can and will choose to provide.

Yes, add to that Keaton and Gabe are going to Kenya this summer.  That really has nothing to do with this.  Other than it involves the same continent and touches on one of our other passions, teaching our kids that life is about Jesus and others.

Because life can't be about the money that stands between us and obedience.  He is requiring of us to do these things, and the earthly price of them is what it is.  So, we simply move forward.

So where are you in the process?  Well anyone that has adopted, knows that a timeline is pretty much a joke and a guess.  But this is what we know today...Our home study is done.  Our dossier is one Homeland Security form short of going to Ghana.  Then we await our court date.  I will go and meet Noah, begin the court process, live there for a week.  I will return home.  We will wait for the final court date (they say 6-8 weeks later).  I will return to Ghana, finalize our adoption in court and bring Noah home.  The exciting thing is to see how God shakes that plan all up and throws down His story which will be so much better.

So please join us in praying for Noah.  For our family.  For God's plan to continue to be our guide. And for children all over the world waiting on a family, that they will feel the love of Christ anew today.



  1. congratulations! even with just having been introduced to you, i am flat-out thrilled for your family. (mary griffis pointed me to your blog, and oh how glad i am that she did!)

    i will be praying for noah and the whole of your family, for every detail between now and his homecoming that God already knows all about. please keep us updated on specific ways to pray.

    it's wonderful to meet you, shelley.

    1. Glad to meet you too. Spent some time on your blog and love the little piggies I saw! Blessings to you and thank you so much for the prayers.

  2. Wow! Amazing news! So excited to hear this!

  3. didn't I just ask when you were going to adopt again...?
    :) awesome!

  4. I am so excited for you and your family. Praying for your sweet little boy.