Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Piece of Emmauel's Story

We are doing a fun project in our home, a gift for our son.  Something to pass the waiting time here for the kids that are anxious to meet their brother.  Something that can help put a dent in the 28,000 adoption fee. now $7000 travel fees!

This puzzle is for Emmanuel.  Together we will put it together.  Piece by piece.  Then we will frame it and give it to Emmanuel when he comes home.

For $5, you can purchase a piece of the puzzle.  You can write your name on the back (or we can write it for you) and add it to the puzzle.  Want to write more than a name?  You can buy a few pieces, and write a note.

Donate here, e-mail us or comment letting us know your name and/or message.  That's it.

Be a piece of Emmanuel's story in first bringing him home, and then in giving him a gift that for the rest of his life he can see the people that God gave him in his life who love him.  Thank you!



  1. You can sign our piece with a Heart or Love The Weaver's.

  2. You can sign our pieces "with love"

    Love you guys and praying!

    -The Bakers

  3. doing as i'm told :)

    'you are loved' ~ amber

  4. You can sign ours with 'love, the franklins'