Thursday, January 19, 2012

We're Expecting Part 1

Well not technically, but we are adding to our family.  The Browns are adopting.

I have wanted to write this post, or more accurately tell this story, for a couple months, but God's timing is perfect.

We are adopting a 4 year old little boy from the country of Ghana.  I wish I could share his picture here so you could all see his beautiful face, his sad eyes, and his cute little belly sticking out of his too small shirt.  But for now, we can't.

So, now to answer the questions that may be going through your heads.  If I don't get them all, comment and I will answer!

Adopting again, thought you already did that?  Well, yes we have adopted in the past.  We adopted Macy and Gaby.  We love our kids and we love the miracle of adoption, we love Africa, and God has now given us a son to love.  Seems pretty simple to us.

How do you know this is God's will?  Besides that crazy inner feeling of confident faith which is enough for us, God continues to open doors, telling us to get walking through them.  As I returned from Africa in October, God worked on my heart in so many ways.  One of these was that He impressed on my mind and spirit a little boy in Uganda that had attached himself to me.  I became eerily aware that God was telling me to look into the adoption of this little guy.  Long story, little shorter, that young man is not adoptable.  It is God's design that he remain in Uganda and grow into a strong man of God there.  All about Him, not about us.

More tomorrow...