Thursday, January 19, 2012

Macy Jean,

Mommy can not believe that you are 2 years old today.  You are growing into such a big beautiful little girl.  Not only are you getting taller, longer hair, bigger feet, but you are changing in other ways.  You are talking all the time.  Saying the funniest things.  You try to get everyone to laugh by dancing and falling down and laughing.  You have moved from toddling around timidly, to running around and being confident in your movements.  Which is really something from the little baby you used to be that didn't want to move or do anything!

While you are so stubborn and like to throw fits and yell, you are also learning compassion and obedience.  You even listen and do what Mommy says and you never used to do that!  Some times you even do it on the first try, rather than pushing the limits.  You used to laugh and pull your sister's hair when she was fussing about something and now you hug her and say "ok, laney, ok laney".  I love watching your personality grow and develop.  I can't wait to see how it changes even more in this year! 

My favorite thing you do is pat the seat next to you or point to it and say "sit mama, sit mama"  No matter what you are doing, eating, playing, reading, you want me to sit by you.  While this sometimes drives me crazy when I have a million things to do, it is always a reminder to stop, slow down, and just be with you.  Thank you for reminding your mama to do that!

Singing Macy Happy Birthday this morning.

I love you precious girl and am so proud of how hard you work and all that you are becoming.  I know that God will continue to bless your little life.



  1. ....tears!! What a special blessing she is to your family! So thankful that we have had the gift of meeting her!! HaPpY BiRtHdAy little one!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Beautiful Macy! The Moravec Family Loves You!