Monday, October 31, 2011

PRAY DOWN THE NUMBER @ 1:47 PM everyday!

So I have been quiet since my return and reentry to life here. It isn't for a lack of things to say, just not a lot of strength and courage to say them yet. Trying to let God sort out all that I saw in the short time I spent in Africa.

But for today, I know that the BEST thing we can do for all the 2132 little ones that I saw, touched and loved and for ALL God's children everywhere is to pray. TO cry out to Him on their behalf. To stand in the gap for them.

So, check this link out and then beginning TOMORROW NOVEMBER 1, commit to the simple act of praying each day at 1:47 PM (or AM if you are awake funky hours!) for God to move as only He can.

PRAY DOWN THE NUMBER @ 1:47 PM everyday!


  1. Well I think the link is at the bottom of the post and it works for me, but maybe I am crazy!