Monday, December 3, 2012

Gifts That Matter

Christmas time is so fun.  I love all the traditions.  I love spending more time in the overly decorated, a tad gaudy house with the treasures God has blessed me with.

But I can't shake the sick feeling I get in my stomach thinking of all the things that this season can do to a person...a otherwise REALLY good person that loves Jesus.  So many people rack up the debt.  They spend a ton of money to give a gift that most likely won't even be liked...much less used.  They get all greedy and open presents thinking, "Well this is junk.  What is next?"

We do it here too.  Don't get me wrong, I am not perfect (surprise!)  And I love to give gifts.  I love the surprise on the face of my kids when they open something and it is just what they wanted.  I love hearing my two year old look through the Toys R Us ad and say "I want this for Christmas as one of my three gifts."  We do that 3 gifts thing...each kid gets 3 gifts and then a few little pieces of junk in their stocking :)

BUT I love even more hearing my children read their Bible verses each day that I made this year and slipped into our candy Advent Calendar.  LOVE even more having them ask me if we have wrapped our gift for Alice, the little girl we sponsor, yet.  LOVE even more hearing one of them explain to another why we celebrate Christmas the way we do in our home.

If you are over the Christmas gifting tragedy in our country.  If you want to give a gift that matters.  If you want to HONOR the person you are giving to.

Try this.

Hop over to my friend Christie's blog and make a donation to help them reach their $10000 (yeah that is the right amount of zeros!) matching gift and read about all the great things God is going to do with that gift!

Purchase a brick at my friend Amy's home and ministry, Village of Hope in Guatemala.  There are A LOT of places I could send you to do this, but this post says it best for me!

Visit our website and see your gifting options.

God will continue to do HIS work in each of these precious ministries.  He leaves you with the choice to be a part of HIS work or not.

What better gift to give this Christmas than Jesus.


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  1. Humbled, sister. Thank you for spreading the word. To GOD be the GLORY <3