Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In HIS image

To say that I am blessed to be a part of Hope Grafted In is a vast understatement.  I am so humbled at all God is doing in and through our ministry.  Each day brings new passion and excitement for me.

One of my blessings in organizing the child sponsorship program was to create story cards.  A card that we send to a sponsor that tells how their child came to the orphanage.  To these cards we also added updated photos of each child.

So I am working on these today.  36 cards.  Typing 36 orphans stories into my computer.  And it was hard. Depressing.  Sad.  Dark.  And very hard.  And as I sat back and looked at the document I had created I felt hopeless.  I had the rare opportunity to be at home alone so I paused and soaked in the HUGENESS of what I was staring at.  Yes, that might not be a word, but stay with me.  These words were the circumstances that brought these orphans to a new home.  They were the words of their stories.  They were facts.  And many of them were horrific.  And I found myself crying out to God in prayer for these children.  For their tender hearts to be healed and for them to come to know Jesus as their Savior.

And I moved on to the 2nd phase of my project:  photoshop some great photos and put them on the cards.  This portion of the task was SO vastly different than the first.  This brought me joy.  Brought smiles.  Even a chuckle here and there at their funny expressions.  Pride as I recognized the light in their eyes.  Love as I remember them and know them by name (almost!).

Amazing how the facts of our lives are NOTHING without our image.  The photo of a child of God who was created in HIS image changes the facts of his or her life into the story He is writing and redeeming.

Praising God for His redemption ever at work in my life.  Amazed that He would love me enough to create me in His image.

Looking again at the children's stories through their beautiful eyes and filled anew with His hope and promise. Trusting and believing that the grace of God will continue to work in their lives as He completes their story and receives all glory and honor.

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