Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Child Sponsorship Makes a Difference

Our non-profit Hope Grafted In has a child sponsorship program and I am loving it.  Not only do I get to sit back and watch God work each month as I wire funds across the world, I get to hear about the lives that are changing.  I get to hear about little boys and girls that are being taught to trust and love others because their sponsor takes the time to make them feel special.  I get to hear that children are COMING TO KNOW Jesus because of a interaction with a sponsor or because of the sponsorship funding that just bought them a Bible.

I never would have thought when God began opening doors for these partnerships that my life would be so changed by watching Him work.  I feel so blessed to be a part of mobilizing the body of Christ around the world to stand up for these little ones.  I love all the relationships I am building with sponsors as I hear their hearts and what is bringing them to sponsor a child.

We can turn on any form of media and hear depressing news that make us think what is our world coming to?  There are no good people anymore.  Well YES THERE ARE.  I am meeting them and chatting with them every day.  God is bringing about revolution in His Church.  These CRAZY wonderful followers of Christ are just too busy simply loving God and others to be noticed.  I am so encouraged in my faith as I see God move.  THANK YOU to you all!

I want to take time to share one example of this with you today.  My new friend Andrea and her friend Tim, sponsor a little girl Cynthia through Hope Grafted In, who lives at Haven of Hope in Kenya.  They recently sent a package to Cynthia and the orphanage Director, Nellie, sent me this thank you to pass along to them.  They are making a difference in this young girl's life.  Cynthia's smile and the admiration in her face when I Skype with her about Andrea and Tim, say it all.  She has family.  A family that may not seem like what we here in the US see as a family, but they are family!

Dear Andrea & Tim,

Here is Cynthia your beautiful baby girl, surrounded by all the love you sent her way. You may never know how much this means to her because words can never tell enough. As her mom, i want you to know that she is very happy and grateful. She asks about you all the time. I told her that she will be seeing you and talking to you soon. I trust God this shall come to pass.

Thank you for sponsoring her hence supporting our Ministry. May our good Lord bless you mightily.

Cynthia with her sponsor' picture.
Cynthia with her sponsors' gifts.

Because of a partnership we have with Visiting Orphans, our sponsors get to video chat with their children in a few weeks when a VO team is there serving.  I am not sure who is most excited: the kids, our sponsors, or me!  Please be in prayer for the internet connections during this time!



  1. Hello! In this blog entry did you use the data from any studies or here are solely your personal conclusions? Waiting forward to hear your answer.

    1. No data used. Any blog writing I do is just my personal experiences and thoughts. Thanks! shelley