Friday, March 9, 2012

Hope Grafted In Sponsorship

God is working many things together for good with our involvement with Haven of Hope in Kenya, Sangaalo Babies and Ebenezer Children's Home in Uganda.  A non-profit, Hope Grafted In, is currently being set up here in the US that will benefit these and many other orphanage projects.  A website for Hope Grafted In is being developed.  All these things take time, so while we work and reason we can't begin our sponsorship program!

If you'd like to sponsor one of the children or staff members at the orphanages Hope Grafted In partners...
  • First, Email me and request the list of those waiting to be sponsored for you to choose from.  If you prefer Haven of Hope, Sangaalo Babies, or Ebenezer Children's Home indicate that in your email please.
  • Choose a child or staff member and commit to being their sponsor.
    •  Commit to pray for the person you choose.
    •  Commit to write, send gifts to your person.  The relationship that you build will instill in them the gifts of love, trust, and hope.  Your words and interactions mean more than you know.
    • Commit to support your person by donating the sponsorship fees if applicable.
  • Make your tax-deductible sponsorship payments for your person here
    • Select Recurring Monthly Support Fee:  And enter your sponsorship fee for the person or persons you sponsor
    • Select your person's orphanage  from the budget dropdown menu
    • Enter your person's name in the "Notes" section
    • Email me back and let me know you did this and I will send out your packet!
The Benefits of being a Sponsor...
  • Receive a picture of your child or staff member so you can begin praying for them by name.
  • Receive periodic updates from the Director of the orphanage on the ministry.
  • Receive an e-newsletter on the ministry.
  • Opportunity to schedule a video chat with your child or staff member.*
  • Opportunity to visit the ministry through a Visiting Orphans team trip to Kenya or Uganda.
  • Receive a mailing address where you can ship gifts, cards, letters to your person.
  • Any monetary donation is tax deductible and you will receive a year-end giving statement.

*We hope to set up a schedule that you can sign up to Skype with your person.  This will always be determined by what is best for the ministry and the inconsistent internet connections in Africa!



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