Friday, March 9, 2012

Fantasy Basketball with a purpose?

If I know the reader of this blog, many of you won't even know what this is.  But your husbands will!

Around this house we do.  The coming weeks are definitely MADNESS in our state.  We have a CRAZY dad that loves basketball and the tournament that brings to a close the NCAA Men's Basketball season is a BIG DEAL.

This year we are partnering with our dear friend, Amber Lewis, to help make the basketball tournament fun for families at the same time we raise money for a missions trip to Africa.

Amber was on my Visiting Orphans trip to Africa in October.  She is going back in a couple weeks and then in July to live at Haven of Hope, the orphanage in Kenya we partner with.  You can join this group and help send her to Africa TWICE! Our family just purchased 6 brackets!  If we win, AMBER gets our prize money!  And our family is doubling her prize money to $200 because we love her and believe that God is using her to accomplish His purposes.  Read her heart in this letter!

$10 per bracket (you may set up a maximum of 3) and the winner receives $100 (now $200)!! Brackets may be filled out on March 11th and changes can be made until play begins on March 15th. Follow this link to register yourself and then once she receives your money you will get the group password. Use paypal and send the fee as a personal gift option to  If you don't have paypal, e-mail me to pay by check or cash.

Email me with any questions.  Selection Sunday is the 11th and brackets will become available through the online group after that!  Tournament play begins March 15th.  SO get moving and sign up here!  Please share!


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