Thursday, July 5, 2012


God has been building a partnership between Hope Grafted In and Sangaalo Babies, a baby cottage in Jinga, Uganda.  Amber was blessed to serve there in March and we will be visiting in December.  We were blessed to provide her ministry with a HGI grant in May, and hope to help again in the future.  We sent a camera over to the director, Damalie, and are working at setting up a child sponsorship program for her.

Damalie sent me an update email yesterday that she was praising God for a new home and her and the children had tears of Sangaalo (joy) over all God had done.

I love how God sends exactly the right people at exactly the right time to take care of His children.  I read this blog post this morning with tears running down my face at the realization that this home, these babies, this sweet lady was our Damalie.  Read it and stand amazed.  God is so good and serving Him is good.


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