Saturday, April 14, 2012

Not ok

I can not shake this frustration. I was blessed to spend 56 minutes of my day yesterday skyping with my dear friend Nellie. My dear friend who we are blessed to partner with in the sponsoring of her 35 sweet children in Kenya at her home, Haven of Hope.

And since our chat I cannot shake my disappointment with...not even sure who they are...I guess the American church, well-meaning followers of Christ that hurt when they help.

I am going to tread lightly here for a pleasant change. Or at least more lightly than the actual fury inside me calls for. I would be devastated if my thoughts here do the very thing I think must change. I also value my friend and our chats and hold them at high confidence. And let me say that Nellie doesn't EVER complain so even though I am about to on her behalf, her recount of these things would sound very different from mine.

Do you know that my friend has had more than 10 people from the US come and visit her in the past few years, take pictures and videos of her children promising money, sponsorships, support. And how many of those do you think follow through? How many do you think give ultimatums and support with many strings attached?

How many do you think have ever asked her, the INTELLIGENT woman of God that lives and breaths for these children daily, what she thinks would be the best way to make her home self-sustaining? Asked her what current relief-aid she needs for her kids?

What makes us think that we know best?

Makes and so sad and a little, ok a lot, angry. Maybe they get back to comfort and realize they don't have time for what they said they could do. In which case, we are all human, admit it and move in. But instead not one has contacted her to explain why their promises have come up empty.

What if they are using the faces of those precious children to raise funds for themselves? That thought makes my stomach hurt.

What if someone set up a plan to pay school fees for the children? They arrange for a pastor in Kenya to take the children to school everyday in the church van. They go to school and learn and grow. And what if my friend gets a phone call to come into the headmaster's office and is told that none of her children's school fees for the entire year so far have been paid? How must she feel sitting there hearing these words? Embarrassed as she realizes the school might assume that she is not trustworthy? Angry that someone didn't follow through and pay the fees? Angrier still that the person wouldn't tell her so she could come up with another plan? Sad that her children cannot return to school after this month's break, but by the grace of God.

Maybe he did pay and there has been some mistake. Let's pray it's this last one.

And I am only scratching the surface.

So do you see why I am frustrated? I know we are human. I know even Christians make mistakes. But 1 in 10 following through IS NOT God-honoring.

More resolve than ever to pray for these children and my friend for protection, for wisdom and discernment.

More confirmation that God is asking us to follow through.

More determination to get these 35 children sponsored so their schooling doesn't lapse (31 left to go!).

Come on, let's go! Who will stand up and speak for these kids? Who will help to show that followers of Jesus do put others first?

If you can sponsor, please sponsor.
If you can pray, please pray.
If you can speak, please speak.

May we honor you Lord Jesus with our words, our actions, and our lives. May we help without hurting. May others see YOU above all that we do.

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