Monday, April 30, 2012

A good month

Well I have done it again.  Gone too long without sharing my thoughts here.  Finally sitting down to "pen" words that I have written in my mind many times over the past month, I realize there is too much to communicate.  Too many God things in the past few weeks to share them all so I will touch briefly on the highlights.

As many of you will remember, April is the month God started really changing our lives.  April 21, 2010 was the day we met Gaby, the day she became our daughter, the day the crazy started.  On this date 2 years later, Gabe's dad went home to heaven. Bittersweet feelings around this home, but the main ones weaved throughout the past 2 weeks have been those of envy, joy, and faithfulness.  Envy, because not only is Mark with Gaby, but he is with Our God.  For eternity.  So ready for that day.  I will always fondly remember Mark saying in his last days that the first things he was going to do when he got to heaven was run and jump and then hold Gaby.  I will also remember our children and their desire to say goodbye to their Grandpa and the sweet manner in which each of them did that.

Grandpa Mark and Macy this past Christmas.
And the joy.  The confidence of knowing that Mark is healed, and with Jesus praising and worshipping Him.  The joy of looking back on a life well lived and memories that bring laughter.  I pray that all my family and friends can have that faith that only comes from God.  The full trust of knowing that our salvation was bought with HIS price and by HIS grace we are saved.

And the faithfulness of our God.  The reminder through such a sad time of missing our family member, that life with God doesn't start at death.  It begins today.  Today He wants us.  I don't have to be envious of Mark.  I have full access to the God he is with right now through His Holy Spirit EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY.

And in this time God's daily blessings abound.

  • Our dog had puppies, bringing new life to our home and some much needed income for Gabe and Keaton's trip to Africa in July.  Pictures coming soon when they are cute and fluffy and don't look like mice.
  • Macy celebrated her 2nd Gotcha Day on April 23rd.  So proud of who God is molding her into.  
  • Our kids each revisited their individual stories with grief and we continue to see them mature and grow closer to Jesus, from our 10 year old to our 2 year old.
  • We had a sweet unexpected time of fellowship with a group of believers across the country.  Their prayers, encouragement, and financial blessing for our adoption were evidence of God's hand at work in lives.
  • We were offered an unexpected opportunity in ministry and leadership.  While there are no details to share yet as we sit in prayer waiting on God, the fact that He would find us worthy to even entertain the thought of serving Him in this way fills us with honor.  And I will be honest...makes me down right giddy with anticipation and excitement.
  • We continue to see God moving in the partnership we have with Nellie at Haven of Hope as 6 children have been sponsored and donor gifts are changing the lives of our friends in Kenya.
I am sure there are even more I can't recall right now as I hurry to get this blog post done!

I hope that when you recall the last month of your life you see God's hand moving and directing.  That you feel His presence and peace.  And that you rededicate yourself to serving Him in all things.  

My sweet friend Vicki is having a fun day to raise funds for our adoption of Noah.  If you are local, join us this Sunday!  



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