Friday, February 17, 2012

Fashion Friday

Ok, this could be a stretch!  This is not a fashion blog, and I am FAR from anything fashionable.   But for our adoption we sell these fun shirts from various places.  And Grafted Together, our Etsy store that gives all proceeds to orphans, widows, and adopting families, offers fun accessories.  So in an effort to offer something a little different from the drama and deep thoughts here some days, gonna give this a try.  Can't take credit, or blame, depending on your opinion, someone else suggested I try this!

So today's outfit is for women and young ladies.  Keep in mind, I like it simple.  I also love to wear clothing that tells others what I am all about and/or reminds me throughout the day of WHOSE I am.  You can layer this up as much or as little as you want with accessories!

front of shirt with 2 bracelets
back of shirt with 2 bracelets

2 bracelets
The shirt is available through Wild Olive.  The size that I wear is Fitted Large if that helps you determine what you want.  Their button is on the right!  You need to enter Brown0123 in coupon code and comments so that your purchase goes towards our adoption!  Love the message of the shirt.  Love the soft trendy fit.  Love the bright colors.

The fabric bracelet is made by my good friend Jody.  She has all kinds of fabrics to choose from!   $10 each. I love to pair these bracelets with a rubber bracelet or simple bangle.  You can get these through our Etsy store!

The rubber bracelet is one of our new fundraisers for bringing home Noah.  They are available in lime (this one!), hot pink, deep purple, gray, and black.  $3 each!  You can e-mail me to order or go through our Etsy store.

So there you have it.  Love to see pics of you or someone you love in their outfit!  Happy Friday.



  1. When you say I have a fitted size large. Are you saying that is what you wear? Or that you have them and to buy them from you instead of through Wild Olive?
    We will take a rubber bracelet in each color.


    1. Nope, they have them. I only have mine :) which is size fitted large! Will email you about bracelets. Thanks!