Tuesday, February 14, 2012

LOVE wins

Happy LOVE day.

Don't be deceived by the title of this post. This is not a book review of the controversial Rob Bell book. I am not really into book reviews. Maybe because I feel we need to read things ourselves to have opinions on them. I do like to review, or rather discuss, books with others that they have read already. Especially the Bible, as what they are reading reveals truth in my life too.

The Bible tells us that LOVE does win though. Because God is LOVE and God WINS (If this is a surprise to you open up Revelation. He clearly wins the end battle in a pretty huge way!). So my simple math says that means LOVE wins. So thankful to be part of the LOVE team. Not just because I like to win, but because our victory is eternal life with Jesus Christ. What an incredible gift. Trumps chocolate and roses any day.

I have had the opportunity lately to speak in a few settings. Very humbling to think I may have words that can speak truth into someone's life. Not going to lie, it makes me feel old. Last night I talked with some Youth for Christ kids. These were fun, wonderful, young people. As I was speaking, or rather crying, I realized I don't relate to these kids. Oh shoot! They are looking at me and thinking who is this crazy lady and what does she have to do with my life and all I go through.

And the truth makes me feel small. Puts my story into perspective. Reminds me once again that God is so much bigger than me and all my problems, all my hurt. Praise God that He is bigger. Praise God that He uses our messes to make us less so that He can be made greater.

May you see His BIG LOVE in your life today and may your response be to serve Him anew.

Happy LOVE day!

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  1. Shelley,
    Thank you so much for sharing at Campus Life last night! It was sooo encouraging for me to God opens and closes doors, gives and takes away, all that He might be glorified in our lives.

    1. Thank you Abby. It was great getting to meet you. Blessings!