Monday, November 14, 2011


This little guy is Solomon.  He was SO little I would have guessed he was 4 months old, but his face seemed older so I asked.  He was 2, born a preemie, wasn't crawling or walking.  But he sat up on cement floor to get his one meal of beans, rice, and pineapple.  Even though it seemed there was no physical way he could eat those huge chunks of food.  Little overwhelming for this mommy.  Good thing my good friend Heather wasn't there.  She freaks about kids choking on food!

I was able to love on Solomon during our time with Return Ministries in Kampala, Uganda.  We spent the day feeding the children a meal provided by our trip funds and then just playing and singing and dancing.  There is video footage out there somewhere of our dance party...them teaching us their dancing and us teaching them ours...pretty funny stuff so when it is available, I will for sure link to it so you can enjoy!

Here is a video of their performance for us.  So funny!  The tent covered slab you see is their church.  So I am guessing they aren't Nazarene affiliated.  LOL.

This little one Rachel would cry and cry at the top of her lungs.  Then I would pick her up and she would stop.  She'd wrap her legs so tight around me that putting her back down wasn't an option.  Any time I would put my hands on her to place her down, she'd squeeze tighter and start the big tears and wailing.  Loved her!  Reminded me so much of Macy, all that sassy attitude.
Our visit at this place overwhelmed me for the first time on the trip.  I felt a sense of too many kids to feed and they are all eating at once sitting in a very small area.  And I was worried for them.  I tried to calm my sense of urgency so I could minister and love.  It was difficult.  So many little ones sitting on wooden backless benches on the cement slab that was a 3 foot drop off to ground.  I was a nervous wreck!  But God gives grace when you need it and spending the day making pipe cleaner creations and sharing in laughter reminds you quickly of your purpose.  In the Grand Scheme of their lives, my worries are pretty silly.

This ministry has a small orphanage and a large feeding program that they run within their church ministry.  We were able to meet many of the church members and spend time with them.  Body of Christ across the ocean.  One of the men does artwork that he sells and gives profits to the church.  Couldn't resist snatching this up for our home.  It has a Ugandan and Kenyan shilling, the two places we visited and I now long to Return too.  Love seeing it on my dining room wall!

This organization is just one that Visiting Orphans partners with.  I LOVE the heart of VO.  Love the people that pour their lives out here in Nashville to make the trips all over the world possible.  Make it possible for people like me to be changed forever and to deepen their passion for following Jesus and His call in James 1:27.  Giving to VO means giving to ALL the 2137 orphans that I visited.  Check out their website.  Email me if you'd like more info about this!

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  1. you are so right! Good thing I wasn't there....I would have spent way too much time cutting up those pieces of pineapple :)! Such a neat experience for you ~ love hearing about it and reading about it!