Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This is Marvin.  He is a hilarious little boy that I met while serving at Caanan Children's Home in Uganda.  Isn't that smile so great.  Loved making him giggle and tickling him.  I will always remember him begging to be tickled.  He would say "Auntie Shelley, please do the round and round tickle."  And I would.  Round and Round the garden goes the fuzzy bear, one step, two steps, tickle you under there.  Every time he started giggling when I started stepping.  Such wonderful memories.

Marvin was so playful.  He always had something that he was turning into a toy.  He ran around with this tire a lot!  Always smiling and laughing and full of joy.

Marvin's home, Caanan was our home for 6 days in Uganda.  The purse basket I am holding in this photo was made by one of the Aunties (ladies that live in the dorms with the children) and sold there to raise funds for the ministry.  Papa Isaac and his sweet wife Rebecca have the neatest story so full of God's faithfulness

Praying for all my friends at Caanan today.  And thanking God that they have loving adults in their lives.

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