Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Operation Christmas Child is becoming a tradition in our home.  I hope it is in yours as well.

Tonight we packed our shoeboxes.  3 of the kids did a great job.  They weren't selfish or jealous of the things they put in them.  They weren't mad that they were giving the things away.  (First year for that by the way.)

I almost felt like an accomplished mother who had taught her children how to put others first and show love.

And then Macy quickly brought  me back to reality.  She didn't want to put the things in the box.  She kept saying, "no, no, no, no."  "No, box"  and throwing it down off the table.  Then she wanted to wear the hat and freaked every time I tried to take it off and put it in the box.

And then she completely lost it and started taking everything that I put in the box back out, screaming and throwing it on the floor.

I did not photo edit this picture.  Her face really is this red.  She was so mad.

Thankfully, cupcakes saved the day.  Macy and I stopped by For Goodness Cakes today and brought home some cupcakes.  Didn't know Macy knew that word, but all day long it was "my cupcake, my cupcake" and it was finally time for cupcakes.

So we celebrated.  Celebrated the kids that will receive our humble gifts.  Celebrated the kids that joyfully packed their boxes.  Celebrated the one kid left to teach selflessness to.  And they were so yummy!

If you haven't packed your box yet, check this out and get moving.  

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