Friday, November 18, 2011

pausing for a friend

So, today I pause from sharing about the sweet orphans that I met in Africa, to sharing about one beautiful former orphan and her momma that we bumped into across the globe.

Today I am reading and catching up on her blog and my heart is breaking as I read about their daily struggle in hospitals with Ruby Grace now that they are home.  Been there, done that, and it is wearing.

I  can't imagine coming home after being in another country fighting to bring my daughter home for over a month, to have the hospital and all that goes with it as the reward.  Hurting so badly for this momma and yet simply amazed by God's grace displayed in her life and the lives of her family of 13 (11 kids so far) as I read her words.

Please read through the story of Ruby Grace if you haven't and join together in shaking the gates of Heaven crying out on her behalf.

Even as I type these words my phone alarm goes off.  The alarm that I have set to chime every day at 1:47 so that I can pause to pray for the orphans of the world.  The sound and reminder are overwhelming today as I am wrecked for this family.

But quickly the pain and agony I feel is filled with a steady knowing that we praise a Living God who cares more for Ruby Grace that I do, than her family does.

Gracious Jesus, heal this little one quickly and bring her family peace.  May Your glory be displayed for all to see.

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