Friday, November 11, 2011


Meet Lillian.  She is a sweet young girl I met at the Fiwagoh Orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya.  While there Lillian chose me.  So funny, don't know how the kids choose, but they all do.  They choose a muzungu to attach themselves to.  I was blessed enough to have Lillian choose me.  I wasn't off the bus 2 seconds before she was holding my hand and welcoming me.

Lillian is the on the left with her hands on her hips,
no surprise!  She was so sassy.  Her home, Fiwagoh,
is in the background.

Lillian is so sweet.  She is quiet at first, but once you get her talking she is so funny and sarcastic in a respectful way.  We got along great!  I had fun giggling with her for the 4 days we called Fiwagoh home.

Suzanne, Me, Lillian, and Jonathan

The first day she spent filling me up with carrots.  It was hilarious for most everyone but me!  She would pick one from the garden (their compound was 17 acres and lots of gardens) wash it in the rain barrel and give it to me.  These carrots were yummy but about the size of my forearm!  I ate about 10 in a one hour time frame.  I just couldn't say no to her.

On a long walk (I MEAN 2+ hours LONG, working my lungs and muscles LONG) we were able to talk about all the beautiful nature we saw and how we imagine Heaven will be like this.  We talked about how we will be there together forever.  Hearing her heart and thoughts on God and Heaven while walking in this...

was one of those God moments in life I treasure.

When we got to Fiwagoh Lillian and her 180 brothers and sisters hadn't been able to have rice for a few days.  The cost of food in Kenya is going up.  They were just having beans twice a day and a carrot or something from their gardens.  Our team through the grace of God was able to take Pastor Benson to the store and fill up their storehouses.  While I love that God provided, these precious kids that only get 2 meals a day should NEVER be without.

the life size pots they feed 180 in!

You can help!  Supporting Fiwagoh will ensure that the children continue to receive the nutrition, schooling, and Bible knowledge they need.  And let me tell you...this place does Bible knowledge. 

The spiritual foundations that Pastor Benson and his dear wife Ms. Florence are laying in these children is not only evident it is AMAZING.  They have "manna" worship twice a day, morning and night, every day of the week.  Many times the older students are doing the preaching, and they are SO interesting and full of the Holy Spirit.  They also have Bible classes in their school day.  They have Bible studies led by older children all the time!  This place exudes the love and relationship of Christ.

Morning Prayer at Fiwagoh...on their knees every time no matter where they are.  Humbling.

God, continue to poor out your blessings on Fiwagoh.  Let them be a light for you to others around the world as they were to me.  May you bless Lillian and help her to know she is special and loved today.  

Our team's farewell song and message from Fiwagoh.  Love them all!

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