Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Well God sent me a little message through facebook today that Patricia is to be the friend I share today.

This is Patricia.  Isn't she beautiful...

I spent time with Patricia at Serving His Children.  I was only able to hold her for a few minutes, pray over her and love on her.  She was so sweet.  Very shy and timid and not sure yet if she should smile at this crazy muzungu.  She just took it all in, was observing everyone's movements.  I was enthralled with watching her as you could see in her eyes her little mind working, learning to trust and learning to love. 

Circumstances didn't allow me to hear Patricia's story while I was in Uganda, but check out this story.  It is about her.  I didn't even know her name until today.  She was just a sweet face I looked at in my trip pictures and remembered loving on.   A little gift today to read about all she endured to be the little blessing she was to me that day.   So go and read and then come back here and see what you can do about it!


You can also be Jesus to Patricia.  Serving His Children provides care, medical needs, training for caregivers, and love to kids just like her.  Please look into their organization and then give.  They are giving their lives for Jesus and the LAST thing they should be worrying over is whether they will raise enough funds to afford food or medicine for these little children.

God, may you bless Patricia and her momma today.  Let them feel a sense of your love and peace right now.  Give Patricia's family and the family at Serving wisdom and energy as they take care of her.  May Patricia grow to know you and experience LIFE everlasting.

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