Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 9

Today we visited the Karamajong tribe. We meet Pastor Andrew at the church and drive out into the middle of the bush, get out if the van in the middle of the fields and take a little dirt path down through fields and into a little area of humble homes.

They present songs for us and are so proud. In reading the prayer guide you know how much these people have suffered. They have very little self respect but the ministry this church is doing here is rebuilding that in them and bringing them faith.

As we are waiting for all the women to arrive--Some walked for miles to talk win us as their are groups of this tribe all over this area--a lady walks in with her older daughter all wrapped up in blankets. She seems very sick. Her momma lays her down and wraps her face and body completely in sheets. I walked over and knelt down and asked her if her daughter was sick and if I could pray for her. Some of my team joined me and I prayed for healing for this little one. Many if you know if you have read anything on this blog before that praying for healing is hard for me. But here it becomes easy. It is the only thing I know to do.

We are able to share with them as well. A group takes the kids to play and 2 of us are able to share with the women. I am humbled to share with them. I share briefly my story of losing Gaby and talk with them about loss and how we all go lose things in life. Whether we have lost children, husbands, mothers, friends, homes, or our respect and dignity. I share the story if Ruth and Naomi and their kinsman redeemer. That Jesus came to redeem us and five us a hope in this same way.

I must say this was not my own strength but he grace of God that filled me. I am not a preacher, but seeing these things here in this place...I will proclaim the gospel if Jesus until the day I die. I also shared that God has a plan and desires to give us a hope and a future. That I pray hat for them. That once they have grabbed hold of the promises of Jesus and this hope no one can take it away from them.

The women present us with a gift. One by one hey carry things up to us and place them at our feet. Items they have made like baskets and mats. Items that they eat like lots if eggs cabbage watermelon and carrots. Things that cost them a fortune. Things they need fir very survival and yet they give them to us. We are humbled much on his trip but this gracious gift was the ultimate humbling. Sweet Jesus provide for these women's needs.

We start playing with stickers with the kids as Diana shows the mommas how to make friendship bracelets. I am putting stickers all over their little bodies and they love it. I come to a little one that obviously has hydrocephalus on top of who knows what) and kneel down to rub her head. A lady sitting next to the momma tells me not to use my hands to touch her because she is very sick. I say as politely as I can it is ok I want to touch her and pray for her and I believe that God will protect me. I put some flower stickers on her head and pray for her. Jesus heal these children completely that they may know your love and see your power and glory.

So many differences in this Africa but the lost profound to me is that you step back in time 100 years here. They have nothing but you see God working because there is room to see Him. I believe now more than ever that America is NOT the land of blessing and full of Christ. We are lacking and while God be all to all anywhere, here they let Him.

This day was a blessing. I took a step forward in my healing process by sharing with a group of women on a dirt hill, with an interpreter, in the middle of Uganda.

When we return to Caanan for the night Vivian the little one from yesterday is much better. She is smiling and running and playing. Amazing how something as cheap and simple as the right Malaria med can change her life in less than 24 hours. God is still in the healing business and miracles here abound.

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