Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 8

Last night we arrived at Canaan. It is very different than Fiwagoh. It is right in a city and older facilities.

Today we walk around looking at the land that Caanan owns. It is amazing. They own so much land. The school they run is so amazing. We are able to do a lesson with them and see their classrooms.

We walk past Amazima the place we will serve on Saturday.

There are so many children in this country that you hug and find burning with fever. One little one has Malaria and Diana is worried about her weakness and lack of expression. So I go with her and take Vivian to the clinic. The nurse calls for her Auntie (the lady in the orphanage that looks after the girls her age.). They figure out that she has had this for 3 days. She can't go IV meds like many of the children laying in this clinic in beds alone are. Last time she had a bad reaction to those. Last time. So they get her a stronger oral med.

We travel to an Internet cafe and are able to skype our family a little. I miss them so much tonight. The length of the trip is catching up to me and I want to see them.

Praying for strength for tomorrow with the Karamajong.

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