Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Keaton Gabriel,

I guess I start all these letters to you with a big sigh and a I can't believe you are...

This year you are turning 10.  Finally into the 2 digit numbers.  It is so fun to watch you grow up.  Your new found independence and attitude sometimes gets in our way as mother and son, but you are becoming who God wants for you and I am proud of you.

I pray that you will continue to find your confidence in God.  You were created by Him for a purpose and His opinion of you is the ONLY one that matters.

My hope for you this year is that you will learn new things about the One who made you and continue to deepen your personal faith in Him as you move from believing because Mom and Dad do to following God because Keaton chooses to.

Thank you for being my first son.  I see so much of myself in you, which is why we butt heads so much, and I love you more that anything.


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