Wednesday, August 24, 2011

game changers

Pastor Dan taught about Joshua and Caleb on Sunday.  Lots of good stuff, but what I keep thinking about and reading more about is that their story, the moment in history that they chose to live in obedience to God changed the course of their lives.  That a step of faith is really a step of action, obedience, and trust.  For me obedience is the one that keeps screaming out.  Probably because I am so stubborn and not very good at obeying.

Taking some time today to look back at my life and personal journey with Jesus so far and think of times that my game changed.  Some of these weren't my action, but God's moving in our lives.  Some were moments that we stepped out in obedience and He changed us.  I am a freaky list person, lists all over this house, so that is what you get today!

  • The day a new boy came to school and caught my attention.  
  • The day that boy got a job that made Fort Wayne those newlyweds new address. 
  • The day I listened to a friends' recommendation and we went to a new church that has been our faith community. 
  • The day one December that the stick got a plus sign on it.
  • The choice of a little country preschool for Keaton.
  • Another plus sign.
  • Trying a different career path because a leader I trust saw something in me that I had never thought of before.
  • Another plus sign.
  • Putting the sign in the ground.
  • An appointment with a local adoption agency.
  • The call that we were chosen.
  • The last breath of our daughter.
  • The pushing of send on the Africa application.
The thing I want to share more than anything is that I always want to have a bullet item that is in current time.  If there is ever a time I can't point to the faith step I am stepping, I will be disobeying.  Even when things don't go the way I think they will when I take the step.  Even if the step doesn't play out but leads to the next step.

The stepping is my surrendering.  Which if you know me you know I have trouble with and need to do daily.

Hope you can point to game changing moments in your life and you are able to see the hand of God leading you and working in your story.  Keep moving.

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