Saturday, August 20, 2011

some sports

Today was a fun day.  Laney debuted her sports career with her first soccer game.  She was the most fashionable player and was so tough.  She got knocked down and pushed around by some over zealous little boy, and she jumped right back in there and stuck with him.  Even scored a goal (on the wrong side but who's counting?)  She played the whole hour and was such a trooper in the  heat doing her best.

Kade's first football game as a Chicago Bear was after that.  He had 4 touchdowns!  2 he ran in for over 60 yards each.  1 he ran in as the quarter back.  And the last was a pass to him from a great little quarterback that threw a 15 yard pass in a K-2 league to end the game with a touchdown.  Another highlight was watching him as quarterback handoff and then run parallel with his teammate blocking for him down the field.  He was also a tackling machine.  All over the field in every tackle if not the one making the hit.  Even sent a couple kids off the field crying.  In any other setting that would have been disturbing, but here I was so proud.  We try not to brag and like to think we teach our kids the same thing, but I am not exaggerating, the kid is good.

So fun to see them having a good time, keeping great attitudes, doing their best, and succeeding.  Kade's smile has been a mile wide the rest of the day and rightfully so.  He should be very pleased with himself.

Ready to go!

Laney's team "Greenland"

water break

Kade "8" on defense.

Kade as quarterback 

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