Friday, June 10, 2011

another year gone

Oh I don't like my kids growing up.  While I am so proud of all they are learning and becoming, I sure wish that time would slow down.

The boys on their first day last August...

The boys today on their last day of kindergarten and 3rd grade!

As they walked down from the bus a few minutes ago, Kayden was crying.  He was so sad that he would never see Mrs. Kinsey again.  This kid never cries, so it was very touching to hear him sob and hug me as he said how much he missed her and wanted to see her right now.  Love that he loved his first teacher that much!

Mr. Kaylor, 3rd grade Cedarville
Had the chance to spend the day with Keaton and hear his SUPER teacher, Mr. Kaylor, brag about all the students in the class.  It was special.  Listening to all he had to say about each individual made me get just how special their class was.

Laney and Macy enjoyed being
 at school with brothers!

It made me remember how each class, the unique make up of the students and teacher together, that I had growing up helped to make me the person that I was.  And I was thankful.  Thankful for the friends and teachers that made this year so special for my sons.

Proud of you boys and all you accomplished this year at school.  Love you both!

DQ to celebrate the year!

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