Thursday, June 9, 2011

world's longest post

So it has been a little while.  Been spending time enjoying the fullness and contentment of life.  I imagine that will all change within the week as the boys finish school and the boredom of summer vacation sets in.  But for now, I am going to remain hopeful that this time will continue!

A few pictures of life here lately living at the ballpark...

Macy trying to entertain herself

Laney socializing and concession standing

Gabe coaching

Kayden batting

Keaton pitching

baseball season is BUSY but so fun

A trip to the lake with cousins to celebrate Uncle Dan!

A few trips to the zoo to start out the summer!

A water party with friends!

water balloons are fun!

Been reading through Ecclesiastes in the P90x challenge.  It reads like a letter of advice that some wise old man is leaving behind on the lessons he has learned in life.  His overall summing up of everything God has revealed to him and his main thread of advice is to be joyful and content in all things as God is the one in control and it is all meaningless.  What he means by meaningless is that is without known human meaning.  It sure has meaning, and even sometimes we get glimpses of what God's design is, but we can't grasp the meaning of things completely and it is foolish to try.  What great advice.  To be joyful and content with the life, even the circumstances, that we have been given.

Macy learning new things.  She concentrates so hard when she is scribbling.  It is adorable!

And just because this post isn't quite long enough, a few pictures more pictures of Macy

Can you mommas out there guess what she is doing in this picture?  

May your day be filled with joy and contentment from our God.

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