Saturday, January 22, 2011

One less

I just received an unexpected phone call.  Last October a mutual friend introduced me to a Mommy who was looking to adopt.  I answered a few questions and did my best to share what I thought she needed to know.

She ended up creating a family profile after looking through ours and applied with our adoption agency, Adoption by Shepherd Care in Florida.  They just received a phone call that a birth mom due in February has chosen them to be the family of a new daughter.

So they begin making plans to travel to Florida very soon. This new baby may even be born in the same hospital that our little girls were born in, where we spent so much time!

As I talked with this mommy I got so excited.  I was giddy with joy.  I thought about how much she wanted to know last summer and all her questions and then I thought about what she must have felt when that phone rang.  I thought about that birthmom and how she was so brave to make such a selfless decision for her baby.  I thought about what the day will look like when my friend and her family travel to Florida and see their new daughter being born.  A new life, a new family.

I remembered my own adventure and was thankful and wanted to do it all over again!

Thank you Jesus for the gift of adoption and for the heart of this family to open themselves up to love and adventure and uncertainty in this way.  Continue to work in all things and may this little life be blessed.

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