Wednesday, January 19, 2011

macy jean,

Today is your first birthday!  I can not believe you are getting so big.

Your life is so special to me, sweet baby girl.  Loving you has taught me more about the love of God than any other thing in my life.  Your sparkling big brown eyes and little dimple melt my heart every time.  I love that you are such an itty bitty thing, but so full of spunk and let everyone around you know exactly what you want and what you do not want.

I love that you know your family and light up each time you see or hear one of your brothers or your silly sister.  I love that you like music and bop that little head up and down every time you hear a song. I love to hear you giggle when Daddy throws you around and tickles you.  I love the little words you are starting to say and how you say MAMAMAMAMA when you are whining.

I am so excited to watch the next year of your life and how much you will grow and learn.  Thank you for being you, my sweet daughter.  I pray daily that God continues to bless your little life.

I love you, Mommy


  1. Wow, One year old. What a trip you have been on and what a joy she must be. Happy Birthday Macy.

  2. Happy birthday sweet Macy!
    Love Aunt Meghan

  3. Dear Heavenly Father,
    Thank you for Macy and the life you have given her. Thank you that she is a special part of our family. Thank you for her unique sweet ways.I pray that she will always know how much she is loved by us and especially by You. Thank you for blessing her and making her such a precious blessing in our lives. In Jesus wonderful name. Amen.

  4. Happy Birthday Macy, I love you sooooo much. You are a miracle from God in so many ways. In the last year you have touched so many lives, more than you even know. I pray that you will continue to reach out and make a difference in lives of people you do not even know. We love you.
    Aunt Amanda

  5. Sorry it's a day late! But Happy Birthday sweet Macy!