Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Perfect Christmas Tree Tradition

So the holiday season is full of traditions.  I am not typically a tradition person, but at Christmas that all goes out the window and tradition does what it is supposed to do...provides comfort, familiarity, and great memories for all of us.

So look for these tradition posts throughout the season.

We go to a local Christmas tree farm and cut down a tree the weekend after Thanksgiving.  This is the tree the kids get to decorate themselves with all their ornaments.  The goal is always to find the best tree for less than $25.  Keaton is by far the best tree finder...although he will never settle checking every tree in the entire field before landing back at the first one he liked.  So here is our tree trip this year...

This is the tree Laney wanted.  Her brothers were not convinced.

The light was shining through this cute little tree that was just Macy-sized providing a great photo opp.  She did not care.

The perfect tree is found.

Macy spent most of the time upset that her nap was being interrupted.

The perfect tree gets cut down.

Queen Laney sits atop the trunk that was the tree.

Very proud of themselves.

By the time we got back to the car, Macy had resumed her nap.

The perfect tree comes home and becomes beautiful.

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