Monday, November 29, 2010

So saying what we are thankful for at Thanksgiving is kind of cliche.  Everyone does it. But there are some things that everyone does that should be done.  I wasn't able to speak at Thanksgiving dinner when it was my turn to share what I was thankful for this year.  It has been a hard emotional weekend.  But I wanted to share, especially with my family, what I wanted to say but couldn't for fear I would freak out and sob.

This year I am most thankful for my faith.  A faith that I didn't realize was so strong and limitless.  This year that faith was tested and but by the grace of God I am stronger in Him and closer to Him than I was a year ago.

This year I am thankful for my husband.  God has given me a partner that values the things that I do.  He is the spiritual leader in our home, a wonderful father, and does almost everything without being asked (yes, even cleaning and laundry!).  He is silly, easy to like, and makes life fun.  Not only does he meet the checklist of things that every girl dreams of, I love him and get to spend life with him.  What a gift. 

I am thankful that all five of my children are happy, healthy, and loved.  I am thankful that they teach me every day a little more how to love unconditionally.  Especially the days they are hard to love!  I am so proud of the young men of God my boys are becoming. They showed a lot of maturity and generosity this past weekend and made their Mommy smile as they put others above themselves.  My girls are sweet and innocent and sparkly.  I love their smiles and thank God for them.

I am thankful for my family.  I am thankful for how God is changing our hearts and our lives and leading us in crazy ways to follow Him.  I am so blessed to have a family that not only supports me, but challenges me.

I am thankful for my friends, my chosen family!  Even when life gets busy and we go days without talking the minute we are together again it is like being home.  Comfortable, fun, and my favorite place to be.

So, for all of you that should have heard these words straight from me last week...I am sorry they are a few days late, but I feel them every day of the year so pretend it is Thanksgiving today.

I love you all.

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