Friday, September 3, 2010

Kayden August

Dear Kade,

Today you turn 6 years old! You are growing so fast and being in school all day long this year makes you seem even older. I miss you when you are there.

I am so glad that God gave you to us to be our son. I love your energy and your LOUD funny outlook on life. I love when you set aside your brave big boy attitude and let me read to you or just cuddle with you.

You have such a sweet spirit when you choose to let it show. I pray that you continue to grow in that and gain the confidence needed to be yourself.

You are going to make such a great Daddy someday. You are so gentle and great with babies. I love hearing you talk about holding Gaby and how you were the only kid that she ever let hold her and didn't cry. I love to hear you say that you can't wait to hold her again someday when you get to heaven. I am so happy that you have an eternal perspective on life and know that will lead you in many great things as you become a young man.

I love watching you play with Macy. She really lights up when she sees and hears her big brother Kayden! You always know exactly what she wants and can understand all that she is saying with her cries and noises. That is a pretty cool gift for a boy to have!

I hope that your birthday is super special and that you know deep inside that you are loved by your family, but most of all that Jesus loves you and desires for you to know Him more.

I love you my sweet son,

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