Saturday, May 1, 2010

saturday at the hospital

Gaby is breathing on her own! They took the oxygen off today and want her to see how she does on her own over the weekend. Morning was great...high stats. This afternoon has had a few destats, but she seems comfortable and happy. We are praying her lungs respond and she continues holding her own and doesn't have to go back on the oxygen.

We were able to try a bottle today with her. This was the first time she has ever had a bottle in her life! She does really well sucking a pacifier, but wasn't sure how to coordinate sucking the bottle and swallowing too. We got a few ml down and stopped when she was too mad to continue. We will keep working every 3 hours on it until she gets it! It is fun to be able to teach her something!

Macy is being lazy and sleeping in the hospital bed all day long. She did get to go with Daddy to Best Buy to get a new camera. today Ours was stolen we guess, it disappeared out of our hospital room! But luckily we had already downloaded pictures to the computer, so all they got was a silly camera, not our memories of being here.

Hope your day is filled with joy. check out new pics on the right. not sure why but the uploader to put pics here isn't working right today...sorry.


  1. Loved the new photos - they are adorable. I especially loved seeing Gaby without the oxygen hose - bet you did too. Take care!

  2. It is awesome watching Gaby's journey. Owen went through some similar things with feeding when he was born and had to spend several days in NICU. It can be frustrating but I'll bet Gaby is much like Owen was and is responding better because she is with her parents that love her!!I cried and prayed reading through your amazing journey last night. This is truly an EPIC adventure chasing God's will. Brandi

  3. Shelly and Gabe,
    Words can't even describe how inspiring you are to others. Your positive upbeat personality just flows through your words. Reading your words of faith and spirit for me are the bible's words in action. I am so sorry about the camera! The girls are so sweet and perfect. Thank you so much for letting us in on your incrediable journey.