Sunday, May 2, 2010

worshipping Jesus

Today we spent time with our girls worshipping Jesus here in our hospital room. We have been doing this all along the way, but today we intentionally listened to worship music, watched a podcast of one of our fav pastors, and praised our God together. What a sabbath we had!

May our God who saves bring you true joy, happiness, and peace today.


  1. Thanks for all the up-dates and pictures. Your girls are just beautiful! Glad you had a great worship time this morning! We had a swell time trying to explain to 2 and 3 year old why they were in the "baby" room again! We had a few kids screaming, "This is not my room" but it all worked out! Can't wait to see your firls up close!

  2. Shelley,
    I was able to spend time with your Mom Saturday, and hear of how sweet your kids were doing at home. We agreed God is giving them extra energy and your Dad is SUPER GRANDPA! We ended our time with prayer and thanked God for you and your amazing journey! We are praying for your home coming to be very soon.