Friday, May 7, 2010

Quick Update...

We wanted to send a quick update this morning.

Macy: Macy is doing pretty well now. Last night she wasn't herself, but today her eyes are bright again. She is getting a ton of tests run including an upper GI, EEG, EKG, renal ultrasound, and a CT. We are predicting that they will conclude that she has severe reflux with a possible touch of pneumonia. Most of the results will be in today, but we're guessing we won't be released until tomorrow.

Gaby: Since we left Florida we have talked on the phone with several nurses, social workers, a doctor, and the cardiac surgeon. This has been reassuring to know that the communication lines are wide open. Gaby has done well the last two nights. Today she was in the operating room as they decided to put in a central line since she can't seem to keep her IVs. The cardiac surgeon said it went well and that he thinks she looks the best she's looked in the past few four days.

Our Family: Shelley and I received surprised guests last night that brightened up our evening and kept us from having to spend another night staring a TV and monitors. As much as we enjoyed their company, we are more excited about the guests we will see in just a couple hours. Keaton, Kayden, and Laney are currently being driven down to be with us. Their bags are packed and they will stay with us until we go home. As you can imagine, we're very excited.


  1. What a roller coaster journey you are on, but we know God is faithful and will continue to give strength and wisdom moment by moment as you need it. We have been praying for you. Harry and Lynnette Hyde (Venezuela)

  2. Shelly,
    I am glad to see things are going better today!! We can't wait till you get home so we can meet your beautiful new daughter. I am so touched by what you and Gabe are doing. Not only are you changing these girls lives but you are also changing the lives of many more!! I want you to know that if you guys need anything at all (babysitting, your lawn mowed, stuff for the kids) Dan and I are here to help. I am going the Lentz's today and can't wait to tell them all about what is happening! God Bless,
    Jenn McClelland
    my email is if you need anything at all!