Friday, May 7, 2010

Family Update

The doctors have given us the news that we predicted. Macy has reflux and they are recommending that she has the Nissen Fundoplication surgery that Gaby endured last week. Basically it is a surgery to her stomach that will prevent reflux from happening.

Because we would like this to happen close to home, they are transporting Macy to Lutheran in Ft. Wayne. We are thrilled that they are going to do this.

So, within the hour Macy and I (Gabe) will be transported by plane or helicopter to Lutheran Hospital. The rest of the family will follow by car. This has moved so fast, but we are excited that it is working out.

In the middle of finding out all of this, Keaton, Kayden, and Laney arrived. We'll share pics of this later on. We are all very excited to be together.


  1. Happy to hear good news.

  2. Your blog is so touching! I have read every word sometimes smiling, laughing and crying. What a road you have been down! GOD IS GOOD! He will bring you through. I am praying for your safe trip today to Lutheran. I am in small group with Amanda and Adam. Love them! I also am a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse for 21 years now. It is my passion, so as I read I could feel all you emotions first hand. I assume Dr. Smith will be performing Macy's surgery. He is a great surgeon and Macy will be in great hands of a Christian man. Our family will continue to pray for you. Thanks for the inspiring blog!