Friday, May 7, 2010

Nothing Goes As Planned...

Over the last month we have learned that nothing goes according to our plan. Tonight we are reminded of this again.

Two hours ago I said goodbye to Shelley and the kids again as they headed to FW and Macy and I prepared to fly back. As we began to board the ambulance to drive to the airport we received a call reporting that storms in the Ft. Wayne area will not allow us fly home at this time. They assured me that we will get home sometime tonight, but it will be in the middle of the night. Our family won't be meeting up at Lutheran like we thought when they left. Shelley and Keaton, Kayden, and Laney will go home.

When we left our home on April 19th we expected our time away to be full of ups and downs, but we didn't expect for our homecoming to be what Shelley will experience tonight. Shelley will arrive at home with only half of our family. She will spend her night next to an empty bassinet that we have set up by our bed. She will pass by a nursery that holds two cribs that will be silent all night.

Today is one of those roller coaster days. We are so thankful for our friends that brought Keaton, Kayden, and Laney down to us. Holding our big kids felt so good. We are thankful that Macy is able to be transported to FW and won't have to stay in Louisville or go to Indy. We are thankful that Gaby has had a good couple of days. There is much to be thankful for, but it is definitely bittersweet...and definitely not what we had planned.

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