Friday, May 28, 2010

It has been a busy week at our house. In the middle of the night Wednesday morning we awoke to discover that Gaby's G-tube plastic port that holds her feeding bag had ripped. Without being overly disgusting, her entire night feeding and stomach contents basically was everywhere. She was so hungry! We managed to plug the hole with a med-syringe and get her to sleep through until morning. So her and I spent 6 hours on Wednesday at the hospital getting it repaired, and at 3:00 she was finally able to eat again. It was an easy fix, but she sure didn't enjoy being back in a hospital setting, and neither did her mom.

Thursday afternoon Gaby visited Dr. Chowdary, a pediatric pulmonologist here in town. He was very happy with her weight, her oxygen saturations, and the sound of her lungs. We just need her to keep growing and all the other lung issues will resolve themselves. So, weight gain it is!

Between all that boring medical stuff we were able to squeeze in a ball game and a day at a splash park. The girls both love fresh air, even this yucky heat we are having! Kayden and Laney love taking them all kinds of fun places. Keaton is anxious to be out of school so he can begin having fun with us too. He was in a play this week at school. Laney, Kayden, and I were able to sneak away and see it and it was great. He did such a good job of memorizing his lines and speaking very clearly with confidence. I was so proud of him. We couldn't do all of these things without our friend's help though. My dear friend Vicki has been a God-send. She has been at our home almost every day helping out, watching kids, going to appts. with me, and just being there to be an adult in the room to talk with! Getting out of the house even for a couple hours is like moving out! But all the work it is worth it to have some fun together as a family.

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