Tuesday, May 25, 2010

twins first photo shoot

Today was our first visit with Dr. Ghazali, Gaby's heart doctor here in Fort Wayne. It was amazing. She had an echo that was awesome, showing her shunt and heart anatomy all working the way that it should be of course. She now weighs 8 pounds, up 7 ounces from last Wednesday at the pediatrician!

Our time with Dr. Ghazali was very special. He is such a neat man and was so sweet in his sentiments about Gaby and us as her family. He was impressed with her medical history which we attribute to GOD and also to the wonderful staff at Joe DiMaggio Hospital in Florida. We began making plans for choosing a surgeon for her 2nd heart procedure that will likely be in 3-4 months in Indy and for seeing a pediatric pulmonologist here in Ft. Wayne to continue treating her right lung disease.

After having such amazing staff in Florida, we were very anxious to meet a new team and begin the process over here in Indiana. I felt certain that no one was going to live up to the wonderful surgeons, intensivists, and nurses that we met at Joe DiMaggio so I set my standards pretty low and was ready to just settle for whatever we got. I guess, once again, I limited God as He continues to provide exactly what Gaby needs with wonderful care providers.

Overall we feel very blessed that Dr, Ghazali will be overseeing Gaby's little heart. At one point during our time he said that of the 7 some billion people in the world, God had chosen us to be Gaby's parents knowing that we are exactly the mom and dad that she needed. I have thought that so many times over the past few weeks, but hearing it from the person providing medical care for your daughter is even sweeter. Not because we are special or qualified to be her parents, but because God in His design wanted us to be. I rest in that when I don't think I can handle it. I rest in His perfect plan.


  1. These pictures are just so cute I can't hardly stand it! Becca and I are sitting here oooing and ahhing over them.

  2. I am so amazed! I keep crying about this! Those girls are so blessed to have you and so blessed to have a doctor who believes in a God who always has a perfect plan. Love you guys!

  3. Thanks for sharing your precious daughters with us. You all have truly
    been a testimony to God's amazing GRACE!