Tuesday, March 11, 2014

using YOUR voice

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It has been a long time since I wrote here.  When I think of this blog, which is clearly not often, I think I should really shut that down.  God used it for a time to help me process what was happening in life and to be a link in our family's story.  But maybe He is done using my voice for His purposes here?  And then I am given an opportunity to use the passion HE has given to be a voice for those that can't write a blog post.

There are so many things in life we have the privilege of doing and often we see those things as chores until they aren't options anymore.  Have anything like that in your life: exercise, your job, fixing meals for your family, getting out of bed in the morning, your devotional time with Jesus, writing on a blog.

Each of these things could be taken away at any moment and would you regret not enjoying them?  God has given us the freedom to choose to do good things with the gifts HE has given us.  Will you take every chance while you are able to do that for HIM?

It really is as simple as the scripture in Colossians 3 "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart for it is the Lord God you are serving."

So today, maybe not tomorrow because I can only obey my Savior one day at a time, I am using my voice to ask you to explore this meeting of the nations.  THE SUMMIT.  What is it?  I will let more gifted voices than mine tell you and then you go check it out!

All Glory to Him,

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