Friday, March 29, 2013

It's Friday

It's Friday but Sundays coming video! Worth your 3 minutes.

So thankful we have the knowledge that it is only Friday and Sunday's coming. This video got me thinking about the disciples, Mary, the people there. They didn't know. I mean, duh, they didn't know, bet this isn't some big revelation to you...but they were Living it not reading and hearing it like I have my whole life.

If I could go back anywhere in history, that is where I would go. Those 3 years of Jesus ministry. I want to experience life alongside Jesus.

Would I live and celebrate Holy week the same if I didn't know Sunday was coming? Would

I want to experience life alongside Jesus every day.

But I want to remember and never undervalue the cross.

I want to experience His Sacrifice anew each time I hear its truth.

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