Monday, March 18, 2013

5.4.1 campaign

Pretty excited about the new 5.4.1 campaign for Hope Grafted In.  One of the hardest things to wrap my mind around when I see hurt in the world is that I can't do anything about it.  There is nothing I could do that would possibly help.  It is too big.  Too much heartache.  Too much injustice.  Too much despair.

And that is very much true.  One person standing alone can't do much.

Although I am pretty sure that burying my head in the sand and doing nothing seems even stupider, which is what I did for so long!  SO why not step out in faith and do everything we can?

Start with doing one simple thing today for others.  Make it a new put others above yourself. It is WAY harder than it sounds.  I struggle every day, and most days fail horribly.  I am going to keep trying!

Would love for you to join us in the campaign and share it with your friends!


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