Monday, October 1, 2012

SPOKEN 4 shirts

Check out our adoption shirts.  So my friends pointed out that I always design shirts for other people and I needed to come up with one for our adoption of Emmanuel.

So Gabe and I got together and came up with this design.  Because we are always talking about speaking up for those that cannot speak for themselves.  It is probably our life's mission these days.  And Emmanuel is SPOKEN FOR.  The Browns have spoken for him.

And THANK GOD we are all SPOKEN FOR by Christ and chosen by Him.  So this shirt can be for you adoption lovers or just anyone that wants to remember that JESUS has chosen them.

This IS NOT a fundraiser (I know, shock, right, that is all we ever do!).  These are shirts being offered at cost as we put in an order for family and friends to wear these shirts to the airport as we come home with Emmanuel.

Orders need to be in by October 8th.
If you have questions email me!


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