Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Meeting Emmanuel

Today has been quite the day. One of those we have been thinking of, dreaming about, wondering how it would go. Today we met our son Emmanuel.

He was pretty shy at first, hiding behind the table. Wanting to sit with the man, Henry, who brought him to us. Walking across the yard was a bit surreal. But within a few minutes we took him down for a walk on the beach. He was so quiet and attentive just looking at us. Then daddy got to hold him for the first time and within seconds he was smiling and giggling.

The rest of today has been one big play date. Lounging around this gorgeous simple beach boutique hotel we are staying at. Talking with the great staff here that are spoiling him and us! Feeding him chicken fried rice for lunch and dinner at the hotel restaurant, giving him milk for probably the first time, and sips of our Fanta, which he loves.

He had his first bath and some grooming (or as Gabe says me picking at him) which was adorable. We won't post his naked body here because that is weird...but it the cutest chocolate naked body ever!

Had a photo shoot pretty much all day as there wasn't one thing he didn't do that was stinking cute...even when he flailed his little 20 lb. body on the floor after dinner because he was so tired and SO full but he didn't want us to take away his bowl....sweet boy!

Went on an adventure to town that scored him lots of attention (us too!) and some cookies.

He is super tiny. The clothes he has on are 6-12 months. But in movement and development he seems his age (19 months). He has all the signs of being malnourished, but we are sure working on that!

I just finished putting him to sleep for the night. Rocking and loving on him and snuggling and praying with him. Good thing the room was dark or my tears may have freaked him out!

Just like with all our children at home that we miss, we loved him unconditionally the second we saw him. Each moment today just made him more special as his personality came out. He is so sweet and loving. He has an ornery smile. He loves kisses and hugs and being tickled. He makes faces that are quite like a Brown, even sticks his tongue out like his daddy as he plays with his truck.

I am not going to lie. There is a nagging feeling in our minds throughout all the joy at the thought of what the end of these days will bring. While leaving him here brings so many worries and fears, we selfishly just really want to be with him. Really just want to begin life at home being his parents. Trusting when the time comes, God will grant His peace and strength for all 3 of us.

We are so thankful for this time and pray God works miraculously to make the time come quickly in which we can bring him home to share with you.

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