Sunday, February 26, 2012


Sitting on an airplane miles from home and yet feeling an overwhelming sense of belonging. And with it comes an inner sense of discomfort. That unmistakeable feeling that you know God is speaking. You know you are right where He wants you. That every part of your life has been laid out before and points to Him, bringing Him glory. You know He is revealing things to you. You know He is about to ask for something more, something else He wants. Ever been there? Best place to be, with Jesus at the center of His will for your life. Pray I remain their daily.

That is where I am at this moment. Now don't ask me tomorrow because there will be a million reasons that this time here in this plane with God wasn't as big as it feels right now. Even right this second as I type this the recirculated air in this plane fills with silence and stillness. Which can all be explained away due to the pilot finally figuring out how to hold this thing steady and my ears simultaneously filling with the deafness of high altitude. But right now, in this moment with Jesus, it feels and is right and true.

Paul tells the people in Thessalonians 4 that they are to keep excelling. He then lists out the things they are doing well, and these are some BIG things. Things others around them aren't so good at. He continues on praising them for the way they love. Saying they have been taught by God to love and don't need to be told by anyone else how to do it. Can't get a much bigger compliment than that. The apostle Paul noticing how you love! And then he says to them, but I urge you to excel even more.

God brings us to the places He leads not so that we can arrive, but so that He can keep us moving. What is next? What is the plan? Who knows but Him. And while that used to be a fact about God that would have made me crazy, I now find myself admiring it. Resting in it. And hanging on for the ride.


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