Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Trip

So excited to announce the Browns next trip to Africa.  While I am jealous I am sitting this one out, that is overshadowed by the thought that Gabe and Keaton will be seeing some of the children that I love and miss.

Yep, Keaton and Gabe are going to Kenya.  Specifically this trip with my trip leader (and GREAT friend) Diana and her husband and their 3 kids.

They will spend time at Fiwagoh, Haven of Hope, and Mama Sweetie's (which isn't the official name and I haven't blogged about yet!)  There home base will be Fiwagoh.  Which means they will spend mornings and evenings and most days with those wonderful kids.  THAT SOUNDS LIKE HEAVEN TO ME!

Many funny quotes from Pastor Benson, director at Fiwagoh, but this one pretty much sums up his life and the reason you should go on this trip...
"A new day, a new opportunity to serve Christ.  Isn't it?"
And while yes, I pushed a little for them to do this particular trip.  I didn't have to push much.  Seeing all that Mom saw was enough to get Keaton very excited about his first missions trip.  And Gabe just hears an idea and is on board 100%, especially when it is about missions and orphans.  Some of you that read here a lot may ask, "I thought Gabe and Keaton were going to Costa Rica in December of this year?"

Well, that didn't work out, but where God closes a door, HE OPENS A HUGE GATE!

Check out Diana's post about the trip for more info!

Much more to come on this, but for now...if you want to go make a difference in kids' lives by loving on them and teaching them that their life has value and if you want God to rock your world at the same time...GO SIGN UP.  Only takes $200....and God provides when it is His will. 

If you need more coaxing, e-mail me.

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