Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This is Alice.  Was able to love on her one day.  Talking and bouncing her to sleep reminded me of home.  I look at this picture and still hear her heavy deep breathing and feel her warm little body as she peacefully rested.  What a gift.  I have been waiting to share about Alice for a lot of reasons.  The biggest is because Alice lives at Haven of Hope in Nakuru, Kenya.  Amazing how God puts one place at the center of your heart when you are asking Him what do I do next with all You have shown me?  Since returning home God has done that with this place.

One of my team members is working on a website for HHN (Haven of Hope Nakuru) and once it is done the links and challenges for you to sponsor the children there will abound!  But I just couldn't wait any longer to share what God is doing through a new friendship.

Love how God places the people in our lives that we are to encourage and build into and also learn from.  Nellie the sweet director of HHN is FAST becoming one of these friends in my heart and life.  I believe I will be helping out with the sponsorship program for their home and I am SUPER excited about all those details.  But, that is for another day as it is all in the planning stages.  So cool that you can plan and scheme for God's glory with friends across the country and the world!

Nellie is in need of financial support for her home.  There isn't a church or larger organization funding it.  She just operates on faith.  And FAITH she does have.  She has the sweetest humble heart.  And she is such a good mama.  So kind and patient with the children.  I know the new website and sponsorship will open up all kinds of doors for her.  For that I am thankful.  But even now as those details are being put into place, bills still come and need to be paid.  Children still need school fees and food.  If  you would like to donate to Nellie and her home, please contact me.  Would love to show her what she already believes, that God is faithful--with some real support.

The picture of all the kids in the yard with Nellie are her older children.  The toddlers (Alice's age) were all taking a nap.  This is little Precious.  Isn't she though?  The name of this place Haven of Hope couldn't be more appropriate.  Nellie and her friends are creating a safe haven for these children while teaching them to trust and hope in God and also providing them with a future of hope in this life too.  Doesn't get much closer to the gospel of Jesus Christ than that.

So Gabe and I are putting our money where our mouths are and Nellie will be receiving a gift from us.  I don't say that to brag or boast in any way.  I simply think it is important for you to know that not only do I talk about this stuff and love it, but I live it and give to it, because it is what God has asked of me.  If you want to join us, will be sending it out next week, contact me before then.

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