Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 5

Today we pack up and leave Fiwagoh. Talk about difficult. The kids sing good bye to us on the hill.

And then they line up and we go down the line hugging each of the kids. 180 hugs, each one hard. 2 girls, Lillian and Suzanna, that were at my sides at all times here are sobbing as I hug them. My sunglasses are hiding my tears as I want to show the kids that crying is ok but because of their tender hearts don't want to add more pain to their lives.

As I come up to Susan, this sweet beautiful girl with sores all over her face, the momma in me subconsciously just leaned down and kissed her head as I leaned down. As I moved up the line to the next hug I hear her whisper to her friend, "She kissed me.". Sweet girl, looking back now I can remember her pulling her head and hands away and hiding them anytime we were close. Heartbroken for her I turned around walked back to her and pulled her close covering her head and face with kisses. I looked into her eyes and said, "You are a beautiful child of God.". Thank you Jesus for the strength to be your hands and feet.

And we finish our hugging get on the van and pull away and it is hard. Hard to leave. Hard to say goodbye. Thankful for this. My first African orphanage experience.

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