Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 4

Day 4 we spend visiting 2 new ministries that VO hopes to partner with. The first was a place way out of town. This lady's ministry was started because she was a caregiver to people with AIDS and when they died their children needed someone to take care of them so she took them in.

The children danced for us and gave us a tour. Their home was bare cement slab, 4 walls, 8 twin beds that had blankets on slats, some chairs and a stack of suitcases filled with clothes.

There was another house, and I use that term lightly, that was damaged by post-election riots. Inside was her paralyzed mother sitting in a chair. Outside was a chicken pen and fire area for cooking. They had a garden and a row of outhouses. That was it. It was a very humble place.

The next place was Haven of Hope. It was filled with little ones. The sweet lady that runs this place Had several toddlers that she had since they were brew days old. We heard her story of stepping out in faith and then went on a tour of her home. It was a nice home that she rented with a kitchen and several bedrooms.

She had a 3 month old preemie named Precious and she was just that. As we went upstairs to tour we walked into a bedroom lined with crib style bunk beds. Their were 4 kids sitting up in them. I asked if I could hold them and then picked up Joy. Handed her to Shiloh and picked up Alice. I held her the whole time we were there, bouncing her and she feel asleep. She was adorable. The nannies came and put her to bed and we kept talking with Nellie about setting up a website and working to get the kids sponsored. The children here were so sweet. Nellie was a sweet good mama to them, but there were a lot of them. Probably 10 toddlers and 15 preschoolers.

We ended our day with a nature walk at Fiwagoh. We walked down by the lake on a 2 hour walk with All 180 kids. It was beautiful. There were mountains, caves, flowers, plants, huge clear glassy lake, monkeys jumping in trees, and laughing kids running everywhere. As we are walking and talking and running and being silly the sun begins to set over the lake. No words. Totally majestic. This must be what heaven is like.

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